New Year.





I woke up hopeful today.



I was scared this was going to be short-lived, but it didn’t feel like it.



I didn’t feel like I was punched in the heart, like every year. Because, for two years, every 1st of January, I’m never looking forward to the change, and I don’t wish for anything at all. And, that hurt.



I wished on the first firework of the morning, and it felt incredible.



I took a big leap in 2016, beginning the end of my school life. In 2017, I take a bigger one –

college. I’m terrified, but I’m hopeful.



Change is a part of us – the only thing constant, my textbook says. I know it’s true.



I kissed 2016 goodbye. I’m not mad for how terrible it was. I’m grateful I’ve learnt lessons and made new scars. “Every lesson forms a new scar..”, Taylor Swift sang, once.



I looked out at the city, content.



I think back to the people who’ve been there, I feel grateful. I think back to people who left – I don’t feel sad anymore, I feel even more grateful.



I don’t know where I’m going, but I’ll find my way.


(Happy New Year, guys! May your life be filled with happiness, more happiness, lots of smiles and cookies, from here onward!)


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