Language update! + Mini Rant.


So, now I can read AND write Hangul! I’m so excited because I love learning languages, and ever since I ventured into the world of K-pop, I’ve been having the time of my life learning the language. Of course, I haven’t forgotten my Japanese! It’s just that Hangul is a lot easier to learn, considering it has lesser amount of characters than Japanese.

Buuut, I wanted to make this post for another reason.

The moment I started learning Japanese, except for my parents and some friends, everybody else gave me shit for it. It even went to the extent of them making fun of me for it, by saying stuff like, “What a loser! Who learns Japanese?”

The main reason I started learning Japanese was because of anime. Honestly. I wanted to know what it’s like to watch a show without subtitles or listen to those anime openings without having to look at translated lyrics. The only thing is, I needed classes for this because Japanese has over 2000+ characters, so naturally, it’s not something I can pick up fully on my own, unlike how I’m doing it with Korean. And the same goes to Chinese. There’s almost 5000+ characters if I’m not wrong? So when we learn languages apart from French and Spanish, with an interest, the LEAST you could do is be an ass about it. I’m sorry, I’m just REALLY frustrated because when I say I want to learn a language, I don’t mean ONLY French or Spanish. They’re wonderful languages on their own, but if I’m not interested in learning it, stop asking me why oriental languages and why NOT French or anything else. Like, why not Japanese or Korean or Chinese? Why is every second person learning French? Again, not that it’s a bad thing – but the main point here is that it’s my choice. I can choose what I want to learn. Just like you chose French, I chose Japanese and Korean out of sheer curiosity and interest.

So sit your ass down before I start swearing in Japanese and Korean.

Anyway, that is all I have to say, really.


안녕히 겨세요!

Hopefully, I’ll have something nicer to talk about next time. 🤔


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