We wake up as new people everyday of our lives. It may not be too obvious, but there’s a difference we see, when we look in the mirror.

And that, is really fascinating.

By the ways of formal introduction,

Hi! I’m Amulya. I’m a class 12 Commerce student living in the loud and colorful country of India. I live in the southern hemisphere of the sub-continent. I also happen to live in a constantly frazzled state, thus, leading me to mostly write about my anxiety issues and anger issues.

I live for books. Although, the very first book I read was The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, my first love was and still is Harry Potter. I think my life drastically changed the moment I started reading the first book of the series.

I don’t follow social constructs, nor do I understand them. I used to own a cat, until she tragically died an early death, and that was genuinely the very first ‘loss’ of a loved one I had experienced.

I am full of questions. Obviously, very curious. I have a strange fear of death, and I am terribly commitment shy. I believe in a lot of things. Especially 11:11 wishes. They make me undeniably happy.

I aspire to see myself happy. That’s my goal. That’s my ambition. Whatever I land up doing, I want to be happy.

The reason I titled this as Alohomora is because it’s the spell to open locks. This is just my way of opening up a little bit to you guys, in an attempt to let you unlock the mysteries of my thought process, that is oh-so-often questioned. I usually never open up, but with the gears of my mind constantly running, I doubt I can keep it all to myself.

This is my world. A world I’ve created with every bit of me, in hopes that I can fix myself. I’ve done a shoddy job, trying to do the same, but I’m proud of who I am today. I’m there, just not yet. There are some leaky faucets and cracks that threaten to give in any moment. I have to re-trace my steps back. I believe that’s the only way out.

Welcome to my world. 🙂



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